Market Recap 11/7/2019


Pause a few recap sessions since I just came back from China. 🙂

SP500 taregt: 3200 unchanged, if we keep the current momentum, the time it takes could be sooner.

My view on economy unchanged: no recession this year. Policy risk may increase next year, should prepare for that.

Dalio says the world is crazy and I cannot deny that….

Position Adjustment

Liquidate the IEMG, take the profit 3%.

Recap: long IEMG on Mar. 2019, expecting the policy easing may simulate the EM market. It end up to be an insignificant trend.

Add more SDS…

I still cannot believe the current momentum is sustainable. Prepare more short position to hedge the incoming downside risk.

Long Gold (GDX + ?)

Gold has some draw back recently <1466, before rallying higher in the mid term. (1600)

Keep long Brazil Equity

Keep long Energy

Hold Silver

Silver is still relatively cheaper compare to gold

ASHR cut 40% position

Next Step:

Look into Silver

Wait gold to be between 1380 to 1450, and prepare for next year rally.

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