The sentence I learned today

On CFI town-hall, a guest speaker mentioned his slide during the presentation: This is a busy slides.

In a spirit of giving the full scope, we could …

Jon said, it is a hypercritical example, let’s say…

Naryan said, for CFI technical development, let’s not try to boil the ocean, I would suggest to do the task one by one.

Carly said our tools do not move the needle of them since they are routine managers who don’t have complex cash flow.

Jon said, I don’t want to derail by prioritizing other tasks.

Frank in recommendation system learning said, if you cannot wrap your head round

Hank asked Jesse, did Walter does a number on you? In breaking bad series.

We should sleep on it, when Saul as a lawyer try to persuade potential clients to sign the contracts… clients say, probably we should sleep on it .

While the Pauli gates are a lot like classic logic gates in some respects, the Hadamard gate, or H-gate, is a bona fide quantum beast. 

Stephanie said, people gravity towards the things are pretty and presume they are usable.

Matt mentioned his estimation is “off the cuff” on an average how many photos people take everyday

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