The word I learn today

Laminated paper: During the townhall, Tony gave us the hard paper card showing our team’s vision, He called it laminated paper.

Cleavage: when watching the TV series “Breaking Bad”, the main actor tells his family a joke that the girls in his school are allowed to invite their own photographer to take their photos. And the advantage of that is to show the cleavage….

Restoration: when in Puerto Rico, the guide tour mentioned that the city hall has restoration so we have to go from the back door.

Verboten: when I read cole nussbaumer knaflic’s book “story telling with data”, she mentioned that there are some colors that are typically verboten with a white background (for example, yellow)

Crib: in Breaking bad season, Domingo said his father owned a store selling crib.

Ethnography: Carly demonstrate the Ethnography of design to the team. “Anthropology is the study of human culture, Ethnography is the research method that involves participant observation of the experiences that shape everyday life.

Location Agnostic: a YC founder use this word to describe his team are scatter around the world.

Cabin Fever: during the virus outbreak, you have to lock down yourself at home…

Piggyback: Reese Reed said, we are piggybacking Mantas/MTS data…

derogatory:Maria said colored people is a decorator word.

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