Design a Trading Turret – Cloud9 session takeaway

A little background

JP Morgan is one of the investor of cloud9, a voice based cloud trading company. And recently, I participated an internal pitch on the product life cycle of new design trading turret from Cloud9 product design team. Very helpful and insightful. Here is my thoughts:

The needs

Based on feedback from JPM users and others, Cloud9 engaged essential design to reimage the user experience for both hardware and software, to improve the efficiency of using cloud9.

Project Timeline

STEP1: DEFINE & EXPLORE (3 months)

1.1 Generative research (1 month)

1.2 Concept generation (2 month)

STEP2: TEST & REFINE (4 month)

2.1 Evaluative Testing (1 month)

2.2 Design refinement (3 months)

1. Challenge and Takeaways

1.1 Generative research (1 month)

Spoke with and observed 22 traders and brokers across 10 institutions to observe use patterns of turrets and the existing Cloud9 platform.

  • Trader marry to their configuration and get use to it.
  • Need to process intense information
  • Worry about the change

Then go home and defined four behavioral groups

call out six of many preferences

1.2 Concept generation (2 month)

Challenge 1: Translation

How do you turn user needs into actionable criteria for design exploration?

  • Have a workshop to tackle that.
  • Create some criteria to group all user requests to different buckets
  • Distill the conclusion and build up UX function and workflow
  • Put UX Visualization
  • Simultaneously, work on hardware while working on UI/UX design

2. TEST & REFINE (4 month)

2.1 Evaluative Testing (1 month)

Take the design and hardware models to different traders to collect feedback. And this open to some new feedback, because people are able to physically touch and feel that.

Challenge 2: Decisions

How do you select a way forward when the user research supports multiple paths?

  • Go back to original design and figure out what’s the immediate need and future plan -> To help make a decison
  • Think about which one has the long term potential to achieve the future vision.

Challenge 3: Evolution

How do we make C9 traders ‘essential’ to a trader’s workflow?

How to bring the user along with the software revolution. Compare to hardware, software can iterate more frequently. So, leverage that by providing software customization.

Also, think about a future stage, and work backwards, think how to set a few stages to guide users to get there. (by software customization and iteration)

2.2 Design refinement (3 months)

This part is about the delivery.

Then, the end.

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