NVC SHOWCASE: New Venture Competition Alumni Startup Showcase

I went to a startup show case event organzied by HBS Club of New York, found many interesting startups and here is my thoughts:

Preview of Presenting Companies:

  • Brightly Group Inc. – Taylor Noguera, MBA ‘03 – Life fully charged
  • Expect Fitness, Inc. – Dara Cook, GMP ‘19
  • Gablex.ai – Alex Sambvani, MBA ‘17 – Helping consumer brands use voice technology to engage their customers
  • Givz Inc. – Andrew Forman, MBA ‘17 – Profit with Purpose
  • GoodLight – Tal Tchwella, MBA ‘19 – We identify risk, so you can solve it
  • Holistic Data Corp – Larry Shiller, OPM ‘98 – Make Data Easy
  • Hylite LLC – Marissa Fetter Hochster, MBA ‘15
  • Joy Books – Minal Mehta, MBA ‘11 – Love and Kindness for the Next Generations
  • KNOW (Working Name) – Allie Egan, MBA ‘16 – Knowing is everything
  • Lambent Data – Kirsten Hund Blair, MBA ‘89 – Collaborative technology & data analytics empowering social service providers & the families they serve
  • Ledger Run – Gary Lubin, MBA ‘86 – Engage Smart
  • modern mammals – Joe Moriarty, MBA‘19 – live closer to natural
  • Movers+Shakers – Evan Horowitz, MBA ‘08 – Spreading joy. Breaking engagement records. Singing and dancing.
  • NICE TO MEET YOU INC – Mohamad Baydoun, PLDA ‘16 – New Age of Networking
  • Noodie Foods – Isabel Khoo, MBA ‘19 – Providing great-tasting, nutritious meals without the hassle of meal preparation
  • Party Dash – Tabitha Salomon, MBA ‘14 – Party planning made easy
  • Competitive Collaboration, LLC – Lisa Warshaw, MBA ‘81 – Improve Business and Learning Through Online Collaboration
  • Priva – Ryan Gee, MBA ‘15 – Managed marketplace & clearinghouse for regional business travel
  • RealDom India Pvt. Ltd. – Tushar Deochakke, SELP ‘19 – Bringing Freedom in Real Estate Transactions to The Fore
  • Squash Labs – Mansoor Basha, GMP ‘12 – On Demand Test Environments to push product to market faster
  • StimBiotics, Inc. – Jeremy Bahr, MBA ‘01
  • Tree of Wally Foundation – Jacob Bassiri, MBA ‘14 – Wallys accepted.
  • Ventoux Partnership Academies – Ian Rowe, MBA ‘93
  • Vizzual – Alejandro Esteve, MBA ‘13 – Be Seen. Be Heard.

My favorite:

1: Givz Inc. – Andrew Forman, MBA ‘17 – Profit with Purpose

I like this idea, because the business model has been proved by retailers. Namely the revenue growth, retention ratio and other key metrics are all performing well.

Second, the platform itself is very light, just plug in an API and use it.

Third, the charity channel in fact is very easy to approach. So Givz only need to connect the corporate and persuade them using the product.

Profit with Purpose, it has own special value proposition.

Considering the cornovirus problem. more and more people are willing to contribute to local charity, and shopping for good.

2: Party Dash – Tabitha Salomon, MBA ‘14 – Party planning made easy

The have a good foundation that they have lots of existing loyal customers. (20,000). The story is, they used to be the party supply provider, and they have acquired lots of customers with their cool design product.

Now, they gonna step in and do more party organizing stuff. Helping organizer to order food, hire photographer, doing decoration and etc.. with online chat and customized package option under different budgets.

In wedding planning area, we have Zola already. probably there is some space to do a similar Zola for organizing party.

3: Noodie Foods – Isabel Khoo, MBA ‘19 – Providing great-tasting, nutritious meals without the hassle of meal preparation

Well, the story is promoting the food that originate from Asia to white people. Like beyondmeat, which is just a tofu-like stuff..

The core is still the marketing. The retail price is $6 and the gross margin is 80%….. they produce it in Japan, but should be a room for supply chain optimization.

Other Information and Startup brochures

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