Market Recap 2/26/2020 Coronavirus


Since outbreak of coronavirus in China, I should buy online streaming/face mask stocks in US, to hedge the risk.

I should purchase put to hedge the risk

I under estimate the severeness of coronavirus and the fear of virus by human nature.

I also suffer great losses from AMRN and Energy ETF, one common reason is I didn’t fully buy in the logic and didn’t control the risk. Next time, I should validate my thinking from different angles before bet heavily on it.

Wen lao ban remind me that energy sector is questionable, AMRN is purely based on one thread of source… both need to be more cautious in the future.

Next step:

I should do more hedging, especially using put.

I should always keep some bullet in my pocket, to buy the dip when necessary.

what I do well:

Stick to position cutting. I have cut 15% position start from 2020, which eliminates some draw down because of coronavirus….

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