My takeaways from JPMC Annual Report 2019

The original article:

My takeaways:

Clients come first, employees are second, the next is community, then investor.

If you look at the key highlights from the annual report, Jamie emphasize JPM is always a customer driven company and putting customers as the top priority.


We go to extraordinary lengths to help our customers — consumers, small businesses, midsize companies, large corporations, and state and local governments.

– Customer comes first, face the crisis

– Emphasizing consumer, small business, and middle/large and government

We take excellent care of our employees.

We make extraordinary efforts to lift up our communities, especially in challenging times.

We are transparent with our shareholders: What they should expect regarding our financial and operating performance in 2020.

We are working closely with all levels of government during this crisis — and while we will participate in government programs to address the severe economic challenges, we will not request any regulatory relief for ourselves.

We need a plan to get safely back to work.

We need to come together: My fervent hope for America.

The highlights of the annual report

Peer to peer comparison:

JPMorgan Chase Is in Line with Best-in-Class Peers in Both Efficiency and Returns
Our Fortress Balance Sheet at December 31

Look at the graph design and format:

  1. Consistent color
  2. Abstraction
  3. Type of visuals

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