Virtual Communication Essentials

Improve your virtual presence:

Gesture and facial expression account 55% of your communication -> You have to be mindful when in virtual.

Frame your self on the camera, your camera angle, your unconscious behavior (say touch your face) are important parts of your virtual presence.

Record yourself pausing -> you have your internal meters which is different than others

Type of questions are interesting:

Need to be careful on open question, which may derail the topic

If no one pick up the question, or the answer that not you want, you can rephrase or repeat the question.

When someone is notoriously say something:

We can iterate/summarize the question, or restate the message, so we can eliminate some of the offensive tone.

Context of conversation:

High context: implicit/indirect, hi Chandler, the weather looks bad today and we defnitely not able to keep ourselves out of the mud..

Low context: Chandler, your shoes is dirty

Before the meeting:

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