2020 Summary (2020 年终总结)


2020 is a special but a fruitful year for me. Covid brings the new normal to everyone but I manage to quickly adapt the changes and achieve most of the goals setup early this year,

2020 SummaryGlowGrow
[JP Morgan]
– Step up and become a manager and product owner
– Incubate a client facing product from an idea (0) to prod (1)
[FoundersX Venture]
– Help VC made a few quantum related investments
– Strengthen structural communication during x-team initiative

[Alteron Therapeutics]
– Receive seed funding
– Reach a key milestone (mouse model)
– Pave the road for next year funding and research
– Interaction with investors
Life– Read 20 book (12 Chinese|8 English)
– Continue the running during the pandemic (300+ miles/94 days)
– Launch Finq and organize 8 quantum workshops
– Become a experienced gardener
– Practice a bit saxophone
– Not able to do more workout and finish the human flag goal

2021 Goals

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