I have three columns so far:

Digest: deep thinking on good articles I read.

My philosophy is, there are three levels when we read/think/talk everyday: information, knowledge, and theorem. Information, such as news/notification is not meaningful, especially they are in pieces. Knowledge is little better, it is condensed information summarized by human beings. The theorem is the truth established by means of accepted truths that could guide us as a general principle.

I would like to spend more time reading good articles inspiring theorem and great knowledge, rather than dragging by all kinds of news.

Also, when you spend x hours having inputs, make sure you spend x hours to digest and streamline, then x/2 hours to share and provide the output.

Market Recap: my view and trade on macro market

(以铜为鉴,可以正衣冠;以人为鉴,可以明得失;以史为鉴,可以知兴替) Bronze-made mirror contributes to setting one’s dressing right, and predecessor-set mirror benefits understanding gain and loss. By writing the market recap, I want to mark down my previous thinking and perform the necessary reflection on top of it.

Product ABC: financial product or fintech product

Financial product knowledge I learn + some good startups and business ideas I found. Ideally, I could enrich my knowledge base via these efforts.

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